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Thread: "US to announce aerial blockade of Syria"

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterG View Post
    As opposed to the wisdom of the last administration, with the invasion of Iraq and deciding to nation-build Afghanistan?
    Good point. But the "with us against us" doctrine was consistant. Clinton is not consistant and it does show the money is running out of money and influence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Empulse View Post
    I strongly doubt it. The US has no interests there, other than the fact that they dislike Assad. Analysis of power transmission in other spring revolution countries might have made them realize that ''democracy'' is not always in their best interest. As for Israel, I believe they prefer the status quo. If Syria is in chaos, they won't have the ability to grow (and Hezbollah to some extent for the matter) stronger and become more of a serious threat to Israel. I guess they don't like Assad nor the Iran-Syria connection, but would a new regime be a better option?

    Russia does have financial and strategic interests. When Egypt and Libya got ''liberated'', Cameron and his cronies flew in immediately to sell some nice military equipment. Russia couldn't appreciate that the pie was split without them getting a piece. It was solely Western arms producers and oil corporations that went in. China didn't really like that much either after their multi-billion investments in Libyan oil infrastructure.

    So the bottom line is that Russia with its base and multibillion arms sales to Syria is not going to swallow this one easily, nor is China and I believe there's too little to gain for the US and the West to put in so much effort, cause let's be frank, our governments care little about the life of Syrians or bringing democracy and Syrians only beg for intervention when their Arab "allies" turn their back on them. Then Uncle Sam is most welcome, at any other occasion they take every opportunity to burn American and Western flags, destroy our embassies and so on.

    I say, let let Arab League deal with this. We've got more important troubles.
    For the last time, all pre-war oil contracts remain in effect even today as transitional government is prohibited from signing any long-term contracts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nizark View Post
    Big time. Only way it could work is if we wasted their whole air force first
    ANd Neutralized their ADA network

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