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Thread: D Co 66th Armor?

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    Default D Co 66th Armor?

    I've been digging through some newfound declass documents on the Cuban Missile Crisis. Several documents make mention of a D Co, 66th Armor (Light Tank) or Co D 66th Light Tank Co based at Fort Campbell. Example on page 6 here: http://www.alternate...25_Oct_1962.pdf In a book I have about US Infantry, Armor/Cav and Artillery battalions (1957-2011), it says D-66th Armor existed at Fort Campbell from 6-22-1958 through 7-25-1965 (and seperately, C-66th was part of the 1st Infantry Brigade).

    The official US Army lineage of the 66th Armored Regiment makes no mention of these orphan 66th companies.

    Can anybody help me out? What kind of unit was D-66th in '62? M41 Walker Bulldog? M56 Scorpion - though that seems unlikely, as these were issued to AT platoons in the airborne battle groups, and except for D-16th Armor that went to Vietnam with the 173d, I don't know if M56s were ever organized in company-sized units?

    One random mention of the unit is in a Kentucky newspaper from '63, though only saying that they were doing a link-up demonstration with a 101st battle group.,16002

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    Oddly first I've heard of a 66th Armor subunit detached from 2nd Armored Division during that time period.

    66th Armor Lineage

    Also mentioned I see is 1/92 FA Brave Cannons was also a Long time 2AD asset from WWII.

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