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Thread: ST Kinetics and SAIC Team For Marine Personnel Carrier Programme

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    Default ST Kinetics and SAIC Team For Marine Personnel Carrier Programme

    16:28 GMT, March 23, 2012 Singapore | ST Kinetics, the land systems arm of ST Engineering, and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) today announced they will team for the upcoming U.S. Marine Corps Marine Personnel Carrier (MPC) programme.

    The MPC will provide U.S. Marine infantry formations with an advanced generation eight-wheeled armoured personnel carrier. The MPC is intended to be a highly protected and swim-capable vehicle, with requirements shaped to provide a balance of performance, protection, and payload to ensure it is effective across the full range of military operations. The MPC programme calls for the production of approximately 100 units per year for up to 7 years, with initial awards for the testing and demonstration phase expected in April 2012.

    "The SAIC and ST Kinetics team will base its offering on the modern TERREX 8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier already fielded by the Singapore Armed Forces. By using existing and proven technology, tailored to Marine expeditionary requirements, we will be able to quickly deliver a simple, elegant, enduring and USMC-usable capability to meet the programme's critical needs and schedule." ~ Dan ZANINI, Senior Vice President and Landforce Systems Operation Manager, SAIC.

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    It does seem like a good choice, and closest OTS solution I've glanced at. All that being said, I expect something more compatible with the LAV-25 and/or Stryker - i.e. a Piranha - to be selected, if anything even gets selected.

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