A Dutch fighter jet dropped a bomb on an insurgent mortar position in the Afghan province of Wardak on Saturday, in support of coalition troops under enemy fire.
The Dutch defence ministry reports that the strike was successful in breaking up the insurgent attack. On Sunday, Dutch F-16s fired flares in Logar province to scare off insurgents.
This is the third time Dutch fighter jets have used their bombs in Afghanistan since four F-16s were stationed near the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif.
The first air strike took place during an attack on an Italian army base near the town of Farah. In mid-April a Dutch F-16 dropped ordnance in support of US troops under attack in Badghis province.
The F-16s were stationed in Afghanistan for the protection of the Dutch police training mission and, under the current rules of engagement, can only be called upon to provide assistance to coalition troops when already airborne.

No further info as of yet I believe. This is not the first time Dutch jets carried out airstrikes for either Dutch or coalition forces, but the change in ROE from when the fighters were deployed to Kandahar as part of NL AIRDET is strange. Perhaps it was part of the deal brokered with the Greens to get the mission in Kunduz going...