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Thread: Revolver vs semi-auto handgun grips?

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    Default Revolver vs semi-auto handgun grips?

    Something I've been trying to figure out is, are there any benefits to the curve you see in double action revolver grips. Or simply put why do revolver have curved grips, as opposed to the grips you see on a semi-auto handgun which are lacking the curve.

    Only 2 reasons i can think of as for why revolver has the curve is because it's a design feature left over from single action revolver (for possibly easy access to the hammer) and maybe to help reduce the felt recoil by driving the force going toward the hand downwards.

    Maybe one of you guys can explain the difference to me, because I've tried to find out why and didn't really get anything useful.

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    Its a design compromise, pistols need to have the magazine inside the grip so it cant be designed freely for ergonomical reasons. Pistols with magazines in front of the trigger tend to have grips more similar to revolvers.

    Simply put, revolver grips are more ergonomical. But other advantages of pistols usually outweight this small compromise.
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    The difference is a revolver grip doesn't have to be anything but a grip. A semi auto is a magazine well first, grip second.
    For my personal preference, and especially not having overly huge hands, I love revolvers for this reason. few autos match their ergonomics for me, and of those that do, they are all single stack magazines, not staggered. Think 1911 or SIG 226 vs Berretta M92F.

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    Well there is a magazine in the automatic grip.
    The hammer spring configuration is also different in both.

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    I guess one way would be to imagine a revolver with an auto grip.....not only it won't look right it won't feel right either.

    I prefer a revolver over a smi auto for some reason I don't know why.....maybe because I am a southpaw.

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    I seriously don't get why you are trying to reinvent 160+ year old technology.

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