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This is the second time we're at The Sulfite Factory. This AO is at Mackmyra bruk in Gävle, Sweden.

Primary mission: VIP Protection. (Protect the VIP at all times). If the VIP is out, the whole team has to spawn.
Secondary mission: The VIP is carrying a device capable of controlling different locations of the AO. Each time the box has been reset, new coordinates will be given to the VIP by the Electronic device. The only way for the team to score points in the game, is to take the VIP to the location given to him. Then the team has to hold him there for three minutes and let him pair the device with the target RFID chip, on that specific location.
TF Valkyries mission: 1st Squad. Take and hold positions awaiting the VIP and his protectionsquad to get up to your position and hold the location given to him.

Recorded with: 2x Gopro Hero2 in 1080P
Edited in: Sony Vegas Pro 10 and After Effects CS6
Edited by: Andreas Stuve
Location: Gävle (Mackmyra Bruk), Sweden
Teams seen in video: Task Force Valkyrie, TSW and Memento Mori.
Subs for the Vikinglanguage is available. Dont forget to watch it in 1080P.