We were sworn enemies during the Vietnam War. But now we are fast friends.

Korea Provides Vietnam $1.2Bln ODA in 2012-2015
Updated 08:43 | Monday | 24/12

The Republic of Korea (RoK) will continue providing Vietnam $1.2 billion worth of official development Assistance in 2012-2015 period, the local newswire Vneconomy.vn reported.

Frame agreement for this preferential package was signed by Vietnamese Minister of Planning and Investment- Bui Quang Vinh and Rorean Ambassador in Vietnam- Ha Chan Ho in Hanoi on December 21.

The loan will firstly be used to develop Vietnamís priority projects in transport, water supply and drainage, renewable energy, information technology, health care, human resources development, agriculture and rural development.

In 2008-2011 period, Korea pledged Vietnam total $1 billion ODA and majority of this fund was distributed into 28 projects.

Asian countries can learn to forget past animosities, if at present there is no more cause for conflict. During his tenure, Korea's president Kim Daejung apologized to Vietnam for the destruction that Korean soldiers caused in the Vietnam War. His administration and succeeding administrations dedicated themselves to support Vietnam's economic development to makes his words hold long-lasting meaning. Korea will continue to support Vietnam until it becomes an advanced nation.

It is true that in the later half the 20th century, Vietnam and the ROK had an unhappy history. Nevertheless, with the tradition of tolerance, humanity and peace and friendship, Vietnam's policy in dealing with issues left behind by history is to put aside the past, look forward to the future and cooperate for shared development. The ROK also shares the understanding that sincere and effective cooperation with Vietnam in addressing consequences of the war is a matter of morality and a practical way to overcome the complex about the past.

We highly appreciate that fact that the ROK's Government, mass organizations and individuals have carried out many activities aimed at and made concrete contributions to helping Vietnam's reconstruction and development efforts. In just over 10 years since the establishment of the diplomatic relations, Vietnam and the ROK have become each other’s important partner. The two countries share cultural and historical similarities well as that of national construction built on people’s creativeness.