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Thread: Germany: "Honor attack" with acid leaves 20 years old woman disfigured

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violet Fashion by Mindy View Post
    Need a Thuringian running the joint imo.
    I remember one of the other German members (probably JCR ) said every town in Thuringia needs a massive police presence due to the locals...

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    We do not need to introduce honour crimes into our penal code. The means to deal with this type of crime are readily available but not utilised to the full extent. The problem of sentences being handed out that are ridiculously short is not limited to these types of crime either.

    I also am aware that there are always multiple views on a sentence as mordoror mentioned, however this cannot be the argument to disregard the call for harsher sentencing.

    What I find quite intriguing is, how much of violent crime in Germany is committed by convicted felons? How much is committed by first-time offenders? Can you really put pressure on convicted felons with sentences that have them out on the streets in a few years time when they stomp some guys head into a bloody mess?

    Common sense tells me, no. I am no lawyer I do not, for a single moment, pretend to know all the ins and outs of our justice system, but even I can see something is not going the right way.

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    It's by far not the first time that the German law is way too inequitable. I'm feeling so sorry for this girl... Honor attacks like this should be punished much harder. 10 years minimum in my opinion, even though my heart just wants to see this guy hanged.

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    [*******#333333]I remember one of the other German members (probably JCR [/COLOR][*******#333333] ) said every town in Thuringia needs a massive police presence due to the locals... [/COLOR]
    and the locals are ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Type 055 View Post
    Fortunatly the western world is a civilised place which it's core value is the enlightenment. That why the western legal system dominates much of the world. I do not personally agree with the death sentence and I find such an sentence repusive. Even if the Defendent was a sick twisted rapist I would still disagree with the idea of killing him for his crime. Such people should be helped medically or make them have a ethical mental punishment.
    Where did the crime take place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by great oz View Post
    and the locals are ?
    Depends on whom you ask. Communists and Neonazis have somewhat of a foothold in Eastern Germany thus the pun.

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