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Thread: War Thunder - Free combat MMO game

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    Yeah shermans... lighters, nuff said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellfish View Post
    When you're looking around in free look, you have the entire screen and binoculars. I don't understand how your view is limited.
    I know but the field of view, is like 60 degress and i would like to have 90 at least, you know what i mean.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chomiq View Post
    Yeah shermans... lighters, nuff said.
    Tommy cookers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomiq View Post
    Wait until the nerf train gets your precious tank

    Look at walker buldog and it's super duper sabot.
    Yeah, my Walker-Bulldog is very hit-or-miss (excuse the pun). Sometimes I can kill Panthers frontally, but sometimes I can't get a KT on the flank (and watch my round pass through the ammo storage on the KT with no effect.)

    I think they're re-buffing sabot, and I'm sure my M46 will get bumped up a BR fraction or two. But I'm enjoying it while it lasts. After playing with my Shermans against Tigers, it's nice to rampage for once.

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