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Thread: War Thunder - Free combat MMO game

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    I love playing Tier 1. The flak tanks just rip sh1t to pieces .

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    guys with jets: something I'm noticing a few people not realising/forgetting is that (all the jets i have at least) have air breaks. very useful for obviously landing an aircraft but also when ur going too fast and ur about to pass the enemy in front, using the air break allows you to stay on their tail. i don't see many people using this little helpful trick in the battles I'm seeing.

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    Is it just me or do the ground forces battles seem to be utterly bug-ridden? I nearly always lose half of the user interface when I come back from a plane into my tank.

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    Good fun being able to create and use the custom skins in WT so easily.

    Was more of a test than anything else :P might try and recreate some historic ones next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marsch View Post
    It's even worse. You sometimes wait 10 minutes to than play a 6 vs 6.

    Did that too because I wanted to fully upgrade the both new tier 1 Opskies.

    Thanks for the comment from the RB masterrace.

    On a more serious note. I feel an itch to actually test the Yak 1 in RB and see if it is still OP compared to it's oponents. If I have to make a guess I'd say yes but not as much as in RB.

    Btw, which mode you think do most of the players play? I'd say AB and if it's OP there it's for most of the players.
    Yes, most people play AB and I used to as well. But then I realized that the only way to become better at WT, is to play against those who are more skilled. Since AB tends to be more replete with casual noobs, I decided to try RB and never really went back to AB. RB tend to be more slower and more tactical games, where you feel more emotionally attached to the one plane you have. Since I am also an EVE Online and Arma 3 player, slower and more tactical gameplay fits my gameplay style just fine.

    When I am flying Soviet planes in RB, I am pulling out my hair in frustration most of the time. In RB, height advantage is king, and most Soviet fighters are badly outperformed at heights above 4 kms by most nations (they have the maneuvrability of a pregnant pig in comparison to the Spits and the 109s and 190s). Hence, I tend to fly relatively low, keep a watch out on those divers, dodge them by turning anti-parallel to their diving direction and then engage them. Alternatively, I wait for the divers to pounce on someone, or get entangled in an energy duel with someone else (both of which results in decrease in flying height for the opponent), and only then engage. Also, the very limited ammo supplies of Soviet fighters (which is a non-issue in AB) becomes a very real problem in RB. Those Shvaks are great little cannons, but they are very ammo-hungry. More often than not, you will find yourself using your guns very sparingly compared to the opposition, and trying to flee back to base to rearm (with an agngry swarm on your 6) more often than not.

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