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Thread: INFO REQ - need help finding a site that has WW2 UK patches

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    Default INFO REQ - need help finding a site that has WW2 UK patches

    I've been searching all day and I can't find any info on the patch I'm looking for.
    I currently trying to restore/colorize a photo of a UK WW2 soldier and I can't find a copy of the patch to try and match colors. The photo in question is of a Cpl who was in the 2nd Rifle Brigade. He has a shoulder patch that looks to be two crossed flags or something similar on a six sided oblong patch. He is also wearing a ribbon that has two lighter bands with a dark one in the middle.
    I've been trying for hours and I am pulling a complete blank.
    If someone could help and post any known sites that might have UK patches, it would be greatly appreciated. THNX

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    Thnx for all the looks, I think I've found the badge at last. It looks like it might be a signal badge.
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    I looked around for you. Figured if they were "flags" then it would be signals but couldn't find anything to confirm it either.

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    Signals crossed flag, as you are hinting to, would be worn on the cuff, not the shoulder.

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    Crap, guess it's not that one then.....
    This is what I'm fighting with.

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    It is a signalers (not a signals) flag. He was probably a regimental signals instructor.

    If he was Rifle Brigade they may be in Brigade colours rather than the normal army colours - they certainly were post WWII. Same goes for his corporal's *****es. Also, if he was in India prior to WWII he may have long service *****es too.

    Ribbon looks like the India General Service Medal 1908-35

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    Thanks, I'll have a search and see if I can find it. I'm just trying to get the colors right.
    According to the family he was in the 2nd RB.
    He may have been in India, I've done several other photos of this person and one has him in a uniform with "short trousers". He definitely was rifle brigade, one of the other pics has an "RB" flash on an epaulet.
    Thanks again for the help....

    Update ---- I managed to find three different versions of the Signaler Patch on flea-bay. I have no idea which is the right one so I'm just going to leave it up to the family and see if any of the pics bring back any memories......
    Thnx for the help Royal....
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    I don't know if I missed it on the original photo or it was just on the latest one that I'm doing, but it looks like the guy in question had a MID oak leaf patch as well. Some of these patches are just almost impossible to see.....
    I darkened in the outline on the blown up attached, otherwise it doesn't show up.

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