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Thread: Saudi Made "Tuwaiq" MRAP Unvieled in IDEX 2013

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    Default Saudi Made "Tuwaiq" MRAP Unvieled in IDEX 2013

    Tuwaiq is the name of a mountain range along central Saudi Arabia, it also means "Surrounder" as it surrounds a large portion of Najd hill within it.

    Saudi "Armored Vehicles & Heavy Equipment Factories" AVF for short unveiled Tuwaiq, a Mine Resistant Armored Personnal Carrier during IDEX 2013 held in Abu Dhabi. Specs and further details has not been released as of now. Enjoy

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    nice looking vehicle

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    Looks like its running on a UNIMOG chassis, similar to that Otakar made MRAP?

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    More information is released regarding this vehicle in an interview in IDEX today: Tuwaiq is still in the experimental phase which will last for about a year, It is a multi-purpose, mine resistant vehicle. STANAG level 3A and 3B approved vehicle, Which is about 8 kilograms under the tire and the hull, And offer protection against up to 7.62 caliber rounds. And the vehicle can carry from 8-10 soldiers inside it at a time depending on customer specifications. No further information was given.

    Still it is not as good as Al-Masmak though

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