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Thread: Met rape unit encouraged woman to drop case against murderer

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    Default Met rape unit encouraged woman to drop case against murderer

    A police officer at a *** crime unit encouraged a woman to drop a rape claim against a man who went on to murder his two children, a report has said.

    Jean Say killed his son and daughter two years ago.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said Southwark Sapphire unit in south London "encouraged" victims to withdraw allegations to boost detection rates.

    The Metropolitan Police said substantial changes had been made.

    The rape allegation against Say was dismissed by a detective sergeant based at Southwark, who said the circumstances did not constitute rape because the woman "consented".

    The report by the IPCC said: "There is no doubt from the evidence that the woman made an allegation of rape at Walworth police station which should have been believed and thoroughly investigated."

    The IPCC said the Southwark Sapphire squad's approach of "failing to believe victims" was "wholly inappropriate". It also said it was "under-performing and over-stretched".

    Deputy chairwoman of the IPCC Deborah Glass said: "There's no doubt this was an incredibly serious, shocking incident.

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    He looks a throughly minging piece of kit. Another own goal for the Met.

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