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Thread: The United States Navy prepares for budgetary adjustment

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    Default The United States Navy prepares for budgetary adjustment

    President Obama leads a national offensive to put pressure on the conservative wing of the Republican party in the Congress against the entry into force of the deficit adjustments on 1 March

    A bleak Outlook for the Navy: this is the scenario that paints the democratic administration of consummating the entry into force of the automatic adjustment mechanism of deficit from this March 1, which will result in budget cuts for the federal Government amounting to $ 1.2 trillion over the next years. Approximately half of this amount corresponds to cuts in the Department of Defense.

    This measure would be in practice a freeze on the program of new construction of aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, and the slowdown or stoppage of the works of maintenance and modernisation of vessels in service, including the large fairing of the submarine fleet or the refueling of the reactors on nuclear-powered vessels.

    The Cabinet of the President Barack Obama calculates that around twenty vessels, scattered throughout the naval bases around the country, they would be affected directly by the entry into force of the sequester by Congress. In addition, numerous projects and works of infrastructure at naval facilities would be suspended.

    The sequestration would also force to reduce the order of appliances of the new fighter's combat of the Marines, the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). As an anecdotal, also would be affected the activity of the mythical squadron of the Blue Angels, who would be forced to suspend several scheduled acrobatic displays.

    "Self-inflicted wound"

    President Obama is headlining a new strategy against the budgetary adjustment after the uncertainty generated around the last new year's day, in which negotiations between the White House and the Republican party to overcome the situation of abyss Prosecutor resulted in an impasse that has its first test of fire on March 1.

    On this occasion, to the imminent entry into force of the automatic settings of deficit, the Democratic President is promoting a series of encounters citizens to mobilise sectors of civil society to put pressure to the members of their constituencies against adopting measures that considered a "self-inflicted wound" by the Congress to the country's economy at a time which shows a path of recovery.


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    He he he.... this publication doesn't know much about this sequstration.
    It's kind of funny.

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    enlighten me please

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