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Thread: DPRK threatens to nullify truce

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarToad View Post
    I think this year might have been a game changer tipping point. The Norks beat the war drums louder than ever and S. Korea and partners didn't make any concessions. A young Kim Jong Un lacking leadership skills or a power base and a new hard nosed S Korean "Iron Lady of the East" President met head to head, and it's becoming clear there's been a shift in the dynamics of the game.
    No, no, no, just China have finally lost patience and ready tricks stopped to work.

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    DPRK replaces defense minister with new younger commander

    Also one reports is saying while DPRK withdrew the two musudan missiles the scuds and rodong missiles and launchers have remained in place, which raises question if DPRK was backing down would they not have withdrawn all of the missiles..

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