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Thread: Mid-caps for an upscale ICS MP5?

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    Default Mid-caps for an upscale ICS MP5?

    With the recent obliteration of NY gun rights, I decided to try my hand at some airsoft. I picked up an ICS MP5 that's comes with all steel upgraded internals. A problem that I'm running into is that J&G mid-cap mags that I bought with it won't lock into the mag well. The provided hi-cap that it came with works fine. When I compared the 2 side by side, the locking notch is slightly different on the mid-caps. So that I don't have to wind between shot strings, anyone know if there are some ICS high-end MP5 compatible mid-caps to be found? Click the picture to see the difference between the 2. The working hi-cap is on the right.

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    Never thought I'd see the day. The apocalypse is surely upon us...

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    MAG brand midcaps are some of the best out there. Should be a box set of 8 or 10 for $55-60.

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