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Thread: The Secret Plot to Rescue Napoleon by Submarine

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    Default The Secret Plot to Rescue Napoleon by Submarine

    Tom Johnson was one of those extraordinary characters that history throws up in times of crisis. Born in 1772 to Irish parents, he made the most of the opportunities that presented themselves and was earning his own living as a smuggler by the age of 12. At least twice, he made incredible escapes from prison. When the Napoleonic Wars broke out, his well-deserved reputation for extreme daring saw him hired–despite his by then extensive criminal record–to pilot a pair of covert British naval expeditions.[LEFT][*******#000000]
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    What a fascinating thing. It reads almost like a Stevenson novel. But, the author cites just enough historical evidence to (more or less) prove it actually was true. I am intrigued to learn more of this Mr. Johnson. What a daring rogue he must have been.

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