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Thread: The great wolf offensive of 1916-1917

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    Default The great wolf offensive of 1916-1917

    During the winter of 1916-1917, the Imperial Russian and German troops had their own "Christmas Truce", not because they were tired of fighting or a mutual feeling that they should celebrate Christmas together. No they encountered a new enemy on the battlefield that who was considered to be more dangerous than their enemies, The wolf.

    That winter of 1916-17, German and Russian soldiers faced a new deadly enemy on the Eastern front, packs of hungry starving wolves started targeting groups of German and Russian soldiers in a series of vicious attacks. We can only guess what the number of casualties was that they made, or the number of attacks, but reports of those days describe that machineguns, rifle-grenades and poison were used to keep them at a distance. Sources also report that to the desperation of the soldiers, new packs simply replaced the wolves that they had previously killed.
    At some point, the situation became so desperate due to the severity and extend of these attacks that a unauthorised truce was made between Russian and German field commanders to fight off the hordes of wolves together.

    [FONT=georgia]RUSSIANS AND GERMANS [/FONT][FONT=georgia]A Remarkable Armistice[/FONT]
    [FONT=georgia]LONDON. Saturday.[/FONT]
    [FONT=georgia]A Russian official message says: [/FONT][FONT=georgia]'In the region of Tirul swamp we took[/FONT][FONT=georgia]the offensive and dislodged the enemy,[/FONT][FONT=georgia]taking some prisoners, but withdrew[/FONT][FONT=georgia]under German pressure. "We ad-[/FONT][FONT=georgia]vanced a mile in the direction of [/FONT]
    [FONT=georgia]Kalngen, but fell back before counter-[/FONT][FONT=georgia]attacks. General Ivanhkevitch, who [/FONT][FONT=georgia]led the first line, was wounded, but[/FONT][FONT=georgia]remained at his post."[/FONT]
    [FONT=georgia]Rome advices from Petrograd re- [/FONT][FONT=georgia]port great German reinforcements[/FONT][FONT=georgia]on the Riga front Under Hindenburg's[/FONT][FONT=georgia]personal direction. Berne states that [/FONT][FONT=georgia]the Swiss frontier contiguous to Ger-[/FONT][FONT=georgia]many remains rigorously closed.[/FONT]
    [FONT=georgia]Packs of hungry wolves infest the[/FONT][FONT=georgia]Polesie front, and the soldiers are[/FONT][FONT=georgia]beating them off with machine guns.[/FONT][FONT=georgia]In some cases Germans joined Rus-[/FONT][FONT=georgia]sians in fighting the wolves. Recently[/FONT][FONT=georgia]the Russo-Germans suspended a hot[/FONT][FONT=georgia]encounter and organised a joint hunt[/FONT][FONT=georgia]to drive off the wolves. Afterwards[/FONT][FONT=georgia]they returned to their trenches. There[/FONT][*******#666600][FONT=georgia]was no treachery on either side.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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