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Thread: Madbull Rail Extension for Scar licensed by PWS

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    Default Madbull Rail Extension for Scar licensed by PWS

    Well guys, we realease the review about the SRX ( Scar rail extension ) by PWS, a 5" extra rail for the scar model ( compatible with [*******#444444][FONT=Arial]VFC Scar L and H, [/FONT][/COLOR][*******#444444][FONT=Arial]WE SCAR L and H, [/FONT][/COLOR][*******#444444][FONT=Arial]Dboy H Scar &[/FONT][/COLOR][*******#444444][FONT=Arial]Echo1 Scar H)

    English version: [/FONT][/COLOR]

    Some Scar users like the extra rail idea, but others are totaly counter about that

    ¿What do you think? i like it

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    I think it's a little silly, as I couldn't foresee needing any extra rail space.. but I guess if you did, this would be the way to go

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    Handy if your looking for a DMR set up, looks like the top rails a tad lower compared to the one on the gun?

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