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Thread: Inter-Axis Military Forces Medal Awards during WW2.

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    Default Inter-Axis Military Forces Medal Awards during WW2.

    Recently I acquired this set of medals to a Romanian WW1 & WW2 veteran,

    the mini bar shows ribbons for the Military Virtue ribbon which could denote also having the Romanian Order of the Star of Romania, Romanian Order of the Crown of Romania or the Romanian Military Virtue Cross.

    Whatever of the awards was in first place, it might have been awarded in WW1 or later in WW2, I doubt we will ever know exactly.

    The bar also contains some German Third Reich awards notably the Iron Cross II Class, and the East War Medal.

    It also has the Romanian "Crusade Against Communism" Medal with the bar "CRIMEIA" and the Centenary of King Carol I medal.

    Interestingly, he sports the "Romanian Commemorative Cross of War 1916 - 1918" for service in World War 1, he would theoretically have been entitled to sport the Romanian version of the Inter-Allied Victory Medal for WW1 (perhaps left off so as not to antagonize his German Allies)

    He also was awarded the German Campaign "KRIM" Shield.

    I have seen Third Reich period bars and pictures of German military sporting Romanian awards from this period (WW2).

    This got me to wondering, at one point the Romanian's were working alongside the Hungarian's, notably at Stalingrad, however, I can not recall ever having seen Hungarian or Romanian soldiers sporting each others medal awards in the manner that they wore the German awards.

    Did Romania and Hungary award each other their National awards?

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    Since Rumania and Hungary almost went to war in 1940, I guess german policy was to keep both as far apart from each other as possible.
    So even if a rumanian officer had been willing to award a hungarian officer (I guess such a meeting would have rather resulted in bad blood), there was never any cooperation between the two were such awards could be made.

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