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    By chance I came across this short documentary last night. It's about three members of the US Army/Marines who were severly injured in active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.
    A quick search in the forum hasn't turned up anything, so maybe it wasn't posted here before, and I thought it's well worth posting.

    Viewers be warned, there're some graphic images of medical procedures and burnings.

    Meet three men who endured combat injuries so extreme that no one expected them to overcome them. Warning this video may be disturbing to some viewers.
    Kudos to the men and doctors, and rest in peace to Merlin German.

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    Very moving and humbling. Thanks for sharing.

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    This video was very moving. Hopefully wounded warriors can find inspiration and strenght in the stories of these brave men. Thank you, for posting this video.

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    Unfortunately, Sgt. German passed away in 2008 as a result of his wounds. Sgt. German was a medically retired Marine.
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