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Thread: "Hell on Earth": Shia Hazaras and Hindus in Pakistan

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    Default "Hell on Earth": Shia Hazaras and Hindus in Pakistan

    Last week there were two different articles in two different British media outlets which carried this line in the headline while reporting on the plight of Shia Hazaras and Hindus in Pakistan. Interesting Reads.

    'Hell on Earth': Inside Quetta's Hazara community

    For years Quetta in Pakistan has rarely been visited by foreign media organisations, as it is considered too dangerous. Now a World Service investigation has uncovered the reality of life for the city's persecuted Hazara Shia community in what some describe as "hell on earth".

    On 10 January 2013, a suicide bomber walked into a packed snooker hall in Quetta and detonated an explosive device, marking the beginning of what would become the bloodiest day in Pakistan's recent history.

    A Hindu hell on earth: Families are being torn apart by their desperation to flee persecution in Pakistan

    They had waited for years. So when the opportunity came they took it, even if it meant leaving behind friends and neighbours, brothers and husbands. Even a three-day-old baby boy. Seven weeks ago, almost 500 Hindus from Pakistan crossed into India on the pretence of visiting a religious festival. In reality, they had come to escape religious persecution and poverty. Some said they would rather commit suicide than go back.

    “Pakistan is worse than hell for Hindus,” said one of those who managed to flee, Laxman Das, a fruit trader from Hyderabad.

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    This is the reality of this part of the world for Christians as well. Very sad to see what religion has made extremists become.
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    ^ Who is 'us'?

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