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Thread: Yum Kippur War

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    The Significance of the Reputed Yom Kippur War Nuclear Affair

    Adam Raz

    The fortieth anniversary of the Yom Kippur War brought new focus ona reputed “nuclear” affair connected to a discussion by senior Israeliofficials, headed by Prime Minister Golda Meir, on one of the first daysof the war. In this discussion, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan suggesteda demonstration of the “nuclear option.”1 For nearly forty years therehave been rumors of Israeli “nuclear signals” at the start of the war,including deployment of Jericho ground-to-ground missiles and theirarmament with nuclear warheads.2 Various descriptions have appearedin the literature and the media on numerous occasions, and as a result,the incident is recorded in the literature as if it were an established fact,usually on the basis of rumors and with no citation of sources.3
    The episode has been discussed many times, and in 2013 it was thefocus of a resource-intensive study published in the United States, whichdrew conclusions about the significance of nuclear signals and nucleardeterrence in times of crisis.4 ]The tremendous attention the nuclearincident has attracted, along with its current significance, requires afocused discussion and refutation of unsubstantiated claims.
    Read the full strategic page 103:

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