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Thread: Yum Kippur War

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    New Egyptian film celebrates country's opening aerial salvo in Yom Kippur War

    Documentary produced by Egyptian historians aims to 'reveal the truth' about the air assault launched by Egypt at the start of the 1973 war.

    Roi Kais
    Published: 10.03.14, 10:01 / Israel News

    Each year Egyptians mark the anniversary of their great victory in the October (Yom Kippur) War. But this year - for the first time they will have a glimpse of the Egyptian aerial attacks that started the conflict, in the form of a new documentary drama called "Birds - the truth about the air strikes".

    The film was produced by "Group 73 Historians", a group of Egyptians seeking to preserve the memory of the war among the Egyptian public - and also to shed light on the actual events of the conflict.

    "A big surprise during celebrations for the anniversary of the October War," says the group's Facebook page. "The secrets of the air raids are revealed for the first time - from the mouths of the real heroes who planned and carried out the airstrikes at noon on October 6, 1973."

    The historians have already released a tantalizing trailer for the 59-minute film, showing simulations of the pilots during the attack and of the situation room in which one of those present is most likely the Egyptian air force commander at the time, Hosni Mubarak.

    The film itself took three months to produce, and includes contributions from 17 Air Force pilots acting as the brigade commanders of 1973. The participants include Farooq Alis, the commander of the Sukhoi planes brigade; Hassan Fahmi, commander of the MiG-17s; Majdi Sharawi, former commander of the Egyptian Air Force; Nasser Moussa, former deputy commander of the Egyptian Air Force and Majd al-Din Rifat, the former head of operations of the Egyptian Air Force.

    The Egyptian media says the film aims to shed light on Mubarak's role during the war, and how he in effect commanded and managed the attack simultaneously. Following Mubarak's ouster as president in 2011, certain parties attempted to discredit his long-accepted role in the attack.

    "The purpose of the film is to reveal the truth and publish the facts," Ahmed Zaid, the head of the group of historians, told Ynet. He said the film is meant to be broadcast on various Egyptian TV channels, including the state-run television.

    "The reason we made the film is to stop the counterfeiting of history for political purposes," he said, but declined to name anyone he believed was behind it.

    Zaid says they intend to distribute the film in multiple countries, but not necessarily Israel. The film had the blessing of the Egyptian Air Force, Zaid told the local media, and is likely to be part of this year's official events to mark the war.,7...577271,00.html

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    ISRAEL. Sinai. An Egyptian Air force MIG attacking Israeli forces positions near the Suez Canal. 1973.

    Parting, Sinai, Yom Kippur War, 1973

    Sinai.Israeli tanks shortly before crossing the Suez Canal to the West side, 15/16 Oct.1973.

    An Israeli soldier resting in the mango Groves to the west of the Suez Canal, during the Yom Kippur War.The headline of his newspaper said SECRET AND PERSONAL TO YASIR ARAFAT.... October 1973.

    EGYPT. Suez canal. Israeli army occupying the area.

    Suez. After Israeli bombing. Egyptian tank destroyed. October 1973.

    Israel-Arab War (the Kippur War). On the 16th October 1973 during the KIPPUR WAR, Israeli units making their way to Damascus (Syria) and occupy part of Syria. They stop with their tanks and guns for traditional prayers.

    ISRAEL. Sinai Desert. 1973. Israeli soldiers and Bedouins at a market.

    EGYPT. Suez Canal Zone. 1973. An Israeli defence post.

    ISRAEL/SYRIA. Kippur/October War. On the occupied Golan Heights, Israeli troops run for shelter under Syrian artillery fire. 1973.

    ISRAEL. Yom Kippour war. During the Yom Kippur War female soldiers are being evacuated from the frontline camp, they farewell their friends, it was the second day of war. 8th October 1973.

    ISRAEL. Oct. 1973. Israeli forces on their way to the BUDAPEST stronghold, a code name for the northernmost stronghold on the Bar Lev line. It was only one of the strongholds along the Suez Canal that did not fall to the Egyptians during the war. The stronghold was surrounded by Egyptian commandoes and suffered severe shelling. Israeli forces managed to reach the besieged stronghold after several attempts in which they sustained heavy losses. Troops take shelter during the bombardment of the Budapest stronghold.

    Israeli Army manoeuvers with live ammunition, near the Dead Sea area.

    Israeli soldier sipping 'ritual wine' after the crossing of the Suez Canal into Egyptian territory.

    ISRAEL. About three months after the cease fire, a separation of forces agreement was signed at the 101st kilometer of the Suez Cairo Road. This photo shows Israeli Defence Forces on their way to the Suez Canal bridgehead in October 1973.

    ISRAEL. 1973. A road covered with anti-vehicle mines during the Yom Kippur War.

    Attack of an Israeli unit in nothern Sinai.

    On the West Bank of the Suez Canal during the Yom Kippur war, shown here is General Moshe DAYAN (eyepatch) and General Ariel SHARON. 28th October 1973

    ISRAEL/SYRIA. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe DAYAN in a bunker, during an Israeli counter-attack on the Golan Heights. The bunker has just been captured from Syrians, then hit by their artillery.

    SINAI. October, 1973. Israeli troops take cover during an artillery barrage on the "Courtyard", a crossing point to the west side of the Suez canal.

    SINAI. October, 1973. Israeli troops at an aid station.

    SINAI. October, 1973. General Moshe Dayan and General Ariel Sharon at the bridgehead crossing of the Suez Canal.

    Sinai.October 1973.An Israeli unit operating the Russian made Katyusha rocket firing system (nicknamed the Stalin Organ), these Katyusha launchers were captured from the Egyptians during the 1967 war.

    An Israeli armoured ambulance vehicle in the Golan Heights.

    After crossing the Suez Canal, Israeli tanks advance into Egyptian territory. October 1973.

    SINAI. October, 1973. Israeli armored column on the "Spider" axis, near the "Titur" junction on their way toward the Suez.

    Syrian and Iraqi shellings on a junction, near the town of Kuneitra.

    Northern Sinai, Israeli tank units during battlefield lit by flares. Oct. 1973.

    Israeli forces attackl the Egyptian town of Suez, after their armored divisions had crossed the Sinai desert and the Suez Canal.

    ISRAEL. Israeli tanks soldiers stopping for prayer, during the kippour war in the golan heights.

    Suez city suburbs after its conquest by Israeli army.

    EGYPT. Suez canal. Israeli army occupying the area.

    GOLAN HEIGHTS. Syrian vehicles destroyed by the Israeli aircraft. 1973.

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