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Thread: ROK navy UDT/SEAL

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    At the pool,

    Lungs can be a b*tch out o the water

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    ===The Shooting House===

    A KPA target, standard targets used in all Korean armed forces branches


    ===Cross Training with US SEALs providing their expertise in CQB at the Tirehouse====
    I think these were posted elsewhere on a thread before but here it is anyways.

    Far left is the US Navy SEAL giving instructions on how to manouver in close quarters environmnet.

    US Navy SEAL personnel giving a evaluation on the performance of the ROK SEALs

    Getting ready for the action

    coming out

    All Clear



    Moving in

    ===Other Pics===

    Entering the Repelling Tower

    Roping down the Tower

    Snipers on Helo


    From the Sea

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    Hey everyone, look at me, I'm the only important one here...


    Nice pics........

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    Default Jump Pictures

    Pre-jump preparations

    Loading up

    Green Light!

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    Default Somali Pirate Hunt

    30+ personnel of UDT/SEALs were dispatched aboard the Destroyer Moon Moo
    the pics are of the first unit to be sent to the somali waters and are somewhat dated.
    could have been posted previously here on but here they are anyways.

    MP5 still very much in the game.

    At some point Jerichos were tried by the UDT/SEAL as with all other CT and related units in other branches of the armed forces; the army seemed quite satisfied with them and they are sticking to it but the UDTs have held steadyfast to Berettas.

    K-2 with rail attachments
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    Boat action

    stack up?

    Over the side. Quite a bit of climbing to do.

    Maybe we need to put in order for better boats. So tiny. I'd guess it would just barely support a 7-men team. Not much in the ways of cutting waves either.

    Guess it's just an exercise. No mags.

    Practicing rescuer manoevers.

    Fastrope from Lynx. It's a shame because the Lynx in the ROKN are all ASW versions and that just isn't the chopper being in proper use. The Navy has UH-60s but are not the sea going versions of the Blackhawk and are unsuitable for prolonged operations on board vessels and the Navy had no choice but to deploy Lynx *****ped of ASW gear instead. Guess you have to deal with the card you're dealt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daewon View Post
    Sniper marksmanship

    I didn't know any mil units used the AICS.

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    Excellen water jump pics Daewon,many thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daewon View Post
    S.Korean males have gotten bigger. Average height, weight etc. Better diet mainly I guess.

    The ROK Seal is almost identical to the US Navy Seals. They lack some of the more sophisticated equippements but the role model is set on their US counterpart. Their BUD/s is really the same stuff and tactics and all those are taken from the US Navy SEALs. They still train regulary with US to make up for its lack of combat experience.
    Nah... I doubt it. I think they just used their best-looking commandos for the photo shoot. Both sides does it! I heard that on the North side border, the North Korean Army only uses sentries that are well-fed, and I think on the Korean side, their ROK Marines have to be at least 6 ft, if I'm not mistaken. Craaaap!!! A bunch of koreans are going to jump on for this comment Well just to make it up, I heard that ROK Marines are ****ing crazy as hell! An old friend of mine who served in the Air Force and a Vietnam Vet, He had nothing to say but admiration to the ROK Marines, each one kills 20 VC's, and for past time [*******red]they drive around the base on their jeeps waving a VC's decapitated head.[/COLOR]

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    Wow, that is the dumbest post I've read in a while.

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    video of ROKN UDT/SEAL teams a couple years back. The narration is somewhat cheesy but it does the job otherwise I guess of showing what these folks are up to

    A Unit legend, Chief Warrant Officer Han, a living testimony of Korean Naval Special Warfare unit veteran of more than 30 years, died from diving in adverse conditions in the search and rescue
    effort to locate missing sailors from the recent Naval tragedy(corvette sunk from unidentified explosion 46 souls lost). At over 50 years of age he needed not go in but would not be stayed saying
    the men needed his experience under these zero visibility conditions. As it was not even a mandate for the UDT but rather a mission for the navy salvage diving unit the SSU he or the whole team
    did not need to be there.But he went and he made the ultimate sacrifice to find and if possible rescue fellow sailors. He trained more korean BUD/S candidates than any man in the ROKN. Forever
    etched in their mind as mentor, a role model and finally a legend. May he with others that perished under the dark troubled waters of the Yellow Seas forever rest in peace.

    video Trivia to CWO Han part 1

    part 2

    sorry I've got these only in Korean;;;
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    Thanks for the videos. This guy is the real deal, leading from the front and teaching the students, ... that's what I get even though I don't know any Korean.

    Rest in peace.

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    I see that all of the ground-ops units now have Crye Precision MultiCam. Good to know.

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