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    Default Information Requests

    Finding information on many units, weapon systems, armed forces etc., is not difficult - most Armed Forces, Units, Manufacturers these days have their own websites. All you have to do is use a search engine such as Google, of even in most cases run a search on MP.Net.

    Please no not post here with image requests expecting others to so the searching for you or supply you with information, get off your butt and do the work yourself. Only post here with requests when you have exhausted other avenues of research.

    Just to add my 2c - If you can't find what you want, consider that the people that you are looking for may not want to be oggled on the world wide web and do not be surprised when the mods come down on you like a ton of horse sh1t when you ask for the latest Delta, SAS, SRR, Spetznaz, KSK or whatever else pics.

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