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Thread: What is the last movie you watched

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaz View Post
    Mad Max 2 - Massively dated (Seems to be even more dated than the original) but still worth watching.

    Lets Be Cops - Put simply, it just should have been funnier.
    I've been wanting to re watch the trilogy for some time now, just don't want to bother with online, hope Netflix will catch my drift after tryin to search for it last 2-3 weeks

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    Next to death valley... it's damn hot out here :(


    Quote Originally Posted by Reader I am View Post
    I have not seen the movie yet, but from the few snipets I have seen and comments about the plot being made - there is a significant number of errors made to appease the general public and create a better plot. The whole thing about it being scientifically correct is mostly a PR ploy by the studio.
    really? then you need to go tell the Physicist that helped them that, since you know he made a video commenting on the movie and pointing out the theories used.

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