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Both rifles have, in fact. On AK-12 the bolt is released by a dedicated button, on A-545 it seems to be released either automatically by inserting a new mag, or by pulling it a bit back, because it doesn't have a special button or lever for this.
Thank you Khathi
There was an article from some Alfa guy at Specnaz.ru where they were analyzing their automats.One topic sensible was the absence of thumb safety and the bold hold open which made reloads 3secs delayed compared to AR type weapons.If Kovrov engineers solved it by new mag insertion then i guess it is a great solution!They also talked about PYA needing afterfactory gunsmith work to run smooth and in fact they run Glocks.
Any news on the Arsenal Strizh?the russian coowner Streshinsky has got a Instagram account and he said that nxt year they are planning pistols with 4inch barrel.he also said that because of fear of sanctions they are making them in Italy for the moment and have a big backlog.